lorddarkflame asked: hope your having a good weekend, speak soon :) xxxxx

Thank you, I hope you too :)

Kiss, bye! :*

ybjls4 asked: Stumbling across your page and blog has definitely made my day. Have certainly won over another fan/follower. Slightly embarrassing and forward request/question.. I'd love to buy you a pair of converse chucks or platform sneakers and try to see if you'd do a photo set in them.. ☺️

Thank you sweet, I’m glad you like my page! :) Sorry for the delay, I have no problem, I love shoes! :)

Anonymous asked: miss you, hope your enjoying your weekend and speak soon :) xxxxxxxx

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my page :)

Kiss kiss :*

Anonymous asked: how do i follow you? sorry but i can´t see the bottom on you blog :O

Hi, sorry for the delay! High, in part to the image of Batman, there should be the button to follow me :)
Thanks :)

Waiting my boyfriend.

Waiting my boyfriend.